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It is fortuitous that our State of Karnataka should have inherited the rich heritage of the legendary artist, Dr.Svetoslav Roerich. Though a Russian by birth, he along with his multifaceted father, Prof. Nicholas Roerich had made India their home, at once becoming part of the country's cultural milieu. While the saintly father was known for his lofty contribution in the fields of fine arts, archaeology and philosophy, the equally versatile son distinguished himself with his paintings in a romantic direction. Both of them were known for their aesthetic sensibilities, exemplified in their very way of life.

After his marriage, Dr.Svetoslav and his bride Madame Devika Rani, the first lady of the Indian screen, shifted their headquarters to Bangalore. Earlier, the picturesque Kulu Valley in Himachal Pradesh was the home of the family. Since then the two of them had become cultural ambassadors of Russia, fostering friendship and understanding between the two countries. Their amiable manners, broad outlook and keen appreciation of human values, instantly won friends among the glitterati, including Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Sarojini Naidu et al.

Nor did it take long for Dr.Svetoslav and Madame Devika to find their moorings in the salubrious climate of Bangalore. With their charming presence, the couple at once started lending dignified grace to the cultural life of the city. They straightaway started evincing keen interest in the growing art activities in the city. They could be found in almost all art exhibitions, sometimes inaugurating, sometimes as chief guest, but always inspiring the artists with their encouraging words.

Initially, the couple had leased a house in Gavipurarm Extension. Before shifting to a more centrally located house on Edward Road, they had bought a sprawling estate on Kanakapura Road in the outskirts of the city. They soon developed the area into a verdant farm, planting several aromatic trees and shrubs. A spacious farm house and a studio became part of the landscape which was bathed by the waters of a romantically situated lake in the campus. The studio which served as a quiet haunt for Svetoslav's artistic creations also housed his priceless collection of art, artifacts and curios, including some masterpieces of the two celebrated artists. It is in this very studio that the master artist painted some of his later works. At the same time, due attention was paid to nursing the high yielding aromatic plants, the export oriented extract contributing to the economic viability of the estate.

The State Government is now seized of the situation, intent to see that the heritage of the renowned artist is not frittered away. Meanwhile, many delegations of dignitaries from Russia also expressed their desire to see that the glory of the estate visited by such eminent personalities like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Alexi Kosygin, Andre Gromykov, among others, was restored to its old glory.

Now the time for some concrete action in this regard has verily arrived. Arrangements are afoot to bring life back into the Tataguni Estate of the Roerichs. The proposed renovation of the area and launching of the project, to realize the many dreams of the Roerich couple would be taken up soon.

The plan is to refurbish their residence and the adjoining studio, with all the trappings of the halcyon days when they were inherited by the famous couple. Some choice works of the ace artist will also find room for display in the studio alongside charts describing his activities and ideals. A few studios, pergolas developed in the vicinity may invite artists to pursue their creative abilities. There will be an international center for creative arts besides a few galleries for exhibitions, guest rooms and dormitories for artists to sojourn. Facilities will be created for holding artist camps, demonstrations, slide shows, all with an eye on promoting creative pursuits in arts. All this will surely make it a tourist attraction, a veritable painter's paradise and a must for those interested in fine arts and artistic heritage at large. There will be provision also for publication on the Roerichs and causes held dear by them.