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Brother of Svetoslav Roerich
Brother of Svetoslav Roerich
George Roerich (Yuriy Roerich : 16.08.1902 - 21.05.1960) is an outstanding Russian orientalist, philologist, art critic, ethnographer, traveller. He contributed very much to the world Tibetology, Indology and Mongology. He was born in a village Okulovka of Novgorod province. His child's and adolescent years passed in St.Petersburg. Already at his school years George Roerich showed a serious interest for the Orient. In 1919 he graduated from the Indo-Iranian department of the School of oriental languages at the University of London. And then in 1922 he graduated from the Harvard University in the USA, the department of Indian philology, with a bachelor's degree. G.Roerich completed his education in 1923 in France at the School of oriental languages of the University of Paris (the biggest center of the European oriental studies) where he received a title of Master of the Indian philology. In 1923-1928 he participated in the Central-Asian expedition organized by his father N.Roerich. Since 1928 and until the beginning of the Second World War George Roerich was a director of the Himalayan Institute of Scientific Studies "Urusvati" the work of which was directed towards complex studies of the Orient. In the sphere of public activity he participated in propaganda and struggle for the ratification of the Pact of Roerich. In 1949-1957 he taught at the University of Kalimpong (India). In autumn 1957 he returned to the Motherland and headed the sector of Indian history of religion and philosophy at the Institute of the Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow. It is George Roerich to whom belongs the invaluable service of "returning" to the Motherland of the art heritage of his father - the great Russian Artist, thinker and public figure - Nicholas Roerich. On May 21, 1960, George Roerich passed away in Moscow.