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Svetoslav Roerich
Svetoslav Roerich was born on October 23, 1904, in St.Petersburg. In 1914-1916 he studied at the school of K.May. At that school Svetoslav received his first lessons of drawing. His father often took him to the archeological trips around ancient Russi
an cities. There Svetoslav studied history and culture of Russia. He c
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Padmabhushan Award to Svetoslav Roerich
ontinued his painting lessons and also participated in creation of decorations for operas "Snow-Maiden", "Sadko", "Prince Igor" together with his father. Since 1920 he lived in the United States. Svetoslav entered the Columbia University, the department of architecture which he graduated with a bachelor's degree. At that time Svetoslav Roerich painted many pictures, book illustrations and drawings. Since 1923 Svetoslav Roerich was a director of the International Centre of Art "Korona Mundi" in New York which was founded by his father Nicholas Roerich. In 1928 Svetoslav moved from USA to India (Darjiling) to his family. Having perceived creatively many art ideas and convictions of his father Svetoslav Roerich became a distinctive and original artist. Studying the culture, art and philosophy of India he created many wonderful paintings. Together with landscapes he painted many portraits. The portraits of N.Roerich, Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and Devika Rani - Svetoslav Roerich's wife, must be specially marked. One of the most beautiful ones is a portrait of his mother Helena Roerich, the woman of exceptional spiritual and physical beauty. Svetoslav Roerich headed the department of folk art and pharmacopoeia at the Institute "Urusvati". He did a lot of enlightening work, directed the Art School in Bangalore, held his personal exhibitions. In 1989 upto the initiative of Svetoslav Roerich in the USSR was established the Soviet Foundation of the Roerichs at the base of which there were studies and spreading of the ideas of the Roerichs family. In 1991 Svetoslav Roerich granted the Soviet Foundation of the Roerichs with the archives of his parents and his brother which were kept in India before. On Jaunary 30, 1993, Svetoslav Roerich passed away in Bangalore.